Get your Teen to go Toxin-Free ...

Sorry for my late post, life took over for the last two days and now I have some catch up to do. Yesterday which was Day 4 of my Slow Beauty Detox was all about detoxing your teenager’s hair routine. My oldest son who is 16 years old was a scent nut and loved this groovy brand (yes, I said it “groovy” … now I am aging myself!) body wash and shampoo with manly scent names like bear claw and deer horn or something like. Perfectly positioned on a red package that shouts out to the teenage demographic. If you are like me, you did not think twice when your son just placed it in the cart at your local grocery or department store! Instead you thought “well, at least he is washing, right?” Wrong!!!

What I came to learn is that this brilliant red package is not so groovy at all. Loaded with Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (NOT One Sulfate but, THREE!) OMG. Cocomidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Benzonate, Disodium ETA, Methychloroisothiazolinone (Just Google the ingredients … you will be alarmed and will not have to take my word for it. Listen to the experts tell you why these ingredients are so harmful!) Needless to say the red bottle of my son’s admired Bear Claw and Deer Horn have grooved their way into the waste basket where they truly belong. His bath routine now consists of a bar of Kogi Beer Soap (I am Canadian), Kogi Tea Tree Shampoo and for his aftershave (like he really needs to shave .. hahaha all that peach fuzz) I have presented him with Kogi P.O.T Lotion. He giggled as he said “Mom you threw out my bear claw and gave me beer and pot instead!” Hey, at least it is all Natural, Organic and I feel really good about him putting all of it on his skin as it is 100% Toxin-Free.

Do something good for your teenager and just remember you have to appeal to their senses so something cool and hip like Beer Soap, why not? And a little POT Lotion … Hemp is great for his/her skin. And for all of the girls out there … okay mamma’s I have two bonus daughters (8 and 12 years old) they are not fussy …anything that smells good and pampers their skin will delight them. Again, if you have any questions that you would like to ask feel free to reach out to me anytime at   

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