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Enjoy Naturally, Beautiful Skin all Summer Long

Summer is the season to kick back, relax, and just enjoy being outside, but it's definitely not time to slack on your skincare routine. UVA/UVB rays are harmful all year long, but are especially damaging during the summer months when our exposure levels are higher thanks to spending long days at the beach or in the park. It is so important to focus on maintaining a regular skincare routine. Keep your skin looking and feeling healthy all Summer in just three simple steps. 1. Soak 2. Scrub 3. Moisturize 

Step 1: Soak Summer Skin

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Step 2: Restore your skin's natural glow

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Argan Oil - A Moisture miracle for your skin

Argan oil is an amazing natural substance that is super rich in vitamin E, essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants. When you apply it to skin that is sunburned, you are nourishing it back to health at the cellular level. Your skin drinks in the nourishment and gets rehydrated. With each application your skin becomes stronger and healthier as your skin cells regenerate themselves. It does not matter how bad your sunburn is, Argan oil is gentle and soothing to your skin.

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NEW Summer Cream - Now Available

Our after sun moisture miracle cream is here! Loaded with Organic Hemp Oil and Argan Oil, this is the extreme in hydration for sun-kissed skin. Organic Hemp Oil and Argan Oil work vigorously together to moisturize, regenerate and protect against sun damaged summer skin. Enriched with the healing and moisturizing benefits of Shea Butter, regular use of this Summer Cream will keep your skin soft, smooth, hydrated and healthy all Summer long. Enjoy natural, beautiful skin - get your Summer Cream.

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Feel Fresh All Summer Long

The Summer heat is on and you want to smell and feel fresh all day long! We have you covered ...  Our 100% Natural Cream Deodorants are wildly popular and extremely effective. Whether you are running a marathon, spending the day at the beach, planting a garden or chasing your little ones outdoors, reach for our fast absorbing natural deodorant that leaves behind no sticky, wet or white residue and feel fresh.  Our customers rave about this product! You will to. A Summer must-have! 

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