Get Glowing Skin! Scrub & Glow.

Scrub & Glow ... Get Great Looking Skin!

Our skin is the body's largest organ and it deserves special care. In celebration of National Skincare Awareness Month we want to encourage women around the world to say "Goodbye" to Chemicals and "Hello" to Natural with their beauty routine. Healthy, glowing skin makes us feel radiant and eludes confidence! How to we achieve great looking skin? First let's talk about our skin and its function in our lives. Did you know that every minute our skin sheds 30,000 dead cells? Shocking, I know! But, it's the truth - 30,000 dead cells! The skin also renews itself every 28 days, ridding itself of old cells that are no longer healthy and productive. I don't know about you but, that makes me want to give my skin a head start with a gentle little scrub - right now!

All day long our skin is exposed to dirt, dust, debris and pollutants. These tiny particles collect on our skin and get into our pores creating a very dull look to our skin. It is not enough to simply wash our skin and add moisture ... you must exfoliate first. This will not only remove the dead cells, dirt and debris but, it will allow moisture to penetrate your skin and actually do its job ... to hydrate!!!

The key to exfoliating properly is to be gentle .. there is no need to be harsh when applying a scrub & glow to your skin. Always apply moisture after a scrub, the results are amazing and your skin will love you for it. Check pack this week as I highlight features on our Scrub & Glow Bundles. I will give tips and share some important information on our key ingredients! Don't forget to sign up for our monthly Good-e-Bag to get your Scrub & Glow bundle for $25.00! Offer ends September 12th. 

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