Embrace your Slow Beauty Transformation!

Thanks for joining us as we embark on a new journey at Kogi Naturals. We are on a mission to treat women to amazing bath and beauty products that are 100% safe. We hope that you will embrace your slow beauty transformation and join us weekly as we educate you on how to slowly eliminate harsh and dangerous chemicals from your bath and beauty routine.

Did you know that chemicals and toxins are not only found in your food, they are also wide spread in your personal care products such as makeup, deodorant, soap, bubble bath, body wash, mouthwash, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner! It has been documented that these toxic ingredients are endocrine disruptors which can lead to cancer, autoimmune diseases and many other illnesses. Explore your bath and beauty products, you will be astonished with what you will find! I did this over a year ago and found that every product that I purchased contained toxic ingredients ... what's worse, I was using these products on my kids! I was shocked as I believed that these high-quality products found in fancy stores were made from quality ingredients - man was I fooled - by packaging and misleading advertising. That is when I found Kogi Naturals and fell in love with their 100% Safe, Natural and Organic products. Now, my family uses nothing else. 

Knowing that our skin absorbs 60% of any topical product we want to educate you on the most harmful ingredients out there on the shelves today so that you can make informed decisions about your bath & beauty routine. Now, don’t stress out. Just take a deep breathe and know that changing one small things can go a really long way. 

Join me next week for my posting on Parabens, you will be happy you did. In the meantime, embrace your slow beauty transformation with Kogi Naturals and enjoy the peace of mind knowing you are doing something great for yourself and your family.

Remember always ... Be Natural. Be Beautiful. Be You.

Thanks for reading ~ Talk to you next week :)


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