Hello, I just wanted to tell you how much we love your shampoos and conditioners in our household. The scents are absolutely incredible(!!) and they are also very effective at cleaning our hair and making it so healthy! We love that they leave zero build up on the hair and just rinse off so clean. Thank you for making such a superior natural product that contains only safe, biodegradable and natural ingredients! 

Megan, Alberta


I confess that for years I was a shampoo junkie. I loved trying different salon brands of fancy, expensive shampoos. It was one of the few "luxuries" that I allowed myself. After years of refusing to use anything but natural body and hand soap, I decided to try a more natural shampoo. Finally, I found Kogi Tea Tree Shampoo. It was amazing! I loved the fresh scent every morning inthe shower and I absolutely fell in love with the way my hair and scalp felt! Thank you Kogi for making such a fantastic product... oh and I haven't even mentioned how much I love your soap, leave in conditioner, kid's shampoo, foaming wash or P.O.T. cream!

Jolene, Alberta


Most natural conditioners left a waxy buildup on my hair and it looked dull and lifeless. I bought the Kogi for kids tangerine lotion, shampoo and conditioner for my kids; and used it out of desperation while we were away. I will never use anything else! My hair is super shiny, smooth and always smells amazing. THANK YOU and please never change!

Lisa, Alberta


I'd like to say how very, very much I love the yummy Pink Sugar line of products. What a sweet addiction!  I'd also like to tell you how much I NEED your Muscle Recovery Rub. I first discovered this product a few years back at the Rocky Mountain Soap Company in Canmore after a very full day of hiking. I was feeling stiff and sore and your Muscle Recovery Rub came to my rescue!   I've tried so many other products, but nothing kicked my pain's butt like Kogi Naturals Muscle Recovery Rub.  

Susen, Alberta


My niece had a rare form of psoriasis on her hands and feet for years. The doctors tried to find a cure with no success. I purchased a jar of the Hemp Healing Salve and immediately my niece saw results. She has been using it ever since to keep the rash under control and provide relief. Thank you for such a great product.

Betty, Ontario


For the past year I have suffered from severe back pain. Nothing that I tried, worked. Until I found the Kogi Naturals Muscle and Joint Rub. Now my pain is gone! This is the most pain free living that I have experience in over two years, thank you so much.

Richard, Manitoba


I absolutely love your hemp oil face cream. I am 47 years old and have tried many name brands and nothing compares to this product, it is simply fantastic. Thank you so much for such an amazing product.

Beth, New Berlin, USA


I am addicted to the Mango and Green Tea Lotion! It smells delicious and works so well. This lotion leaves my skin looking so fresh and beautiful. Thank you.

Jennifer, Virginia, USA

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