Products that want a review

We have created this Cheat Sheet List to make it easier for you to review the Kogi Naturals product that have not yet received a review. Enter to win a $100 online shopping spree by review one or many more of the products listed below. Simply click on the product name below to be taken to the product page where you can submit your review and rating. Thank you for choosing Kogi Naturals and for taking the time to tell us what you think of our products. We really appreciate and value your support and input.

Bath Bombs

Lavender Bath Bomb

Vanilla Bath Bomb


Black Rock Soap

Canadian Maple Soap

Laundry Stain Bar

Sparking Cranberry Soap

Blue Beer Soap

Shaggy Head Beer Soap

The Maritimer Beer Soap

Beer Soap Crate #2

Gardener Soap

Vanilla Trio Soaps

Shampoo & Conditioner

240ml Unscented Shampoo & Conditioner

240ml Pink Grapefruit Conditioner

240ml Tea Tree Shampoo

240ml Tea Tree Conditioner

240ml Unscented Shampoo

240ml Unscented Conditioner

Pink Grapefruit Travel Kit

Moisture Lotion

120ml La La Vanilla Lotion

475ml La La Vanilla Lotion

120ml Pink Grapefruit Lotion

240ml Vanilla Lotion

475ml Vanilla Lotion

240ml Vanilla Mint Lotion

475ml Vanilla Mint Lotion

240ml POT Lotion

475ml POT Lotion

240ml Pink Sugar Lotion

240ml Pink Grapefruit Lotion

240ml Unscented Lotion

Bubble Bath

Vanilla Mint Bubble Bath

Mango & Green Tea Bubble Bath

Unwind Bubble Bath

Pink Sugar Bubble Bath

Hand & Body Wash

Mango Body Wash

La La Vanilla Body Wash

Vanilla Body Wash

Vanilla Mint Body Wash

Scrub & Glow

Pink Sugar Scrub & Glow

Mango & Green Tea Scrub & Glow

La La Vanilla Scrub & Glow

Bath Salts

600g Vanilla Mint Bath Salts

600g Vanilla Bath Salts

600g Pink Sugar Bath Salts

600g Pink Grapefruit Bath Salts

600g Foot Soak

600g Unwind Bath Salts

600g Egyptian Nights Bath Salts

150g Lavender Bath Salts

150g Pink Sugar Bath Salts

150g Mango & Green Tea Bath Salts

Organics Facial Line

Organics Facial Starter Set

Organics Bamboo Face Cloth

Organics Face Cream Mini

Lip Balms

Coconut Lip Balm

Pink Sugar Lip Balm

La La Vanilla Lip Balm

Tangerine Lip Balm

Cherry Lip Balm

Foot Recovery

15g Foot Recovery Bar

Salves & Rubs

Healing Salve & Stick

Muscle & Joint Rub

Moisture Mini's

Vanilla Mint Moisture Mini

POT Face Cream Moisture Mini

Mango Moisture Mini

Lavender Moisture Mini

Pink Sugar Moisture Mini

La La Vanilla Moisture Mini


Baby Wash & Shampoo Refill

Baby Mini Moisture Lotion

Boxed Gift Sets

Bath is Bliss Pink Grapefruit Box Set

Bath is Bliss Unwind Box Set

Bath is Bliss Lavender Sleep Therapy Box Set

Bath is Bliss Pink Sugar Box Set

Bath is Bliss La La Vanilla Box Set

Bath is Bliss Mango Box Set