Natural Deodorant Reviews

Here are just a few of the rave reviews that we have received about our deodorant. If you wish to read specific reviews for the individual scents please visit that product page and you can explore what others had to say. We hope you try our deodorant and fall in love with feeling and smelling fresh all day long!

Love! ~ R.B (5 Star Rating)

I have this as well as the rose and the lemongrass ones and I love them all. It is hard to find a deodorant that is natural and actually does the job. All the scents are wonderful, I can't say enough about how much I love this product.

Great Smell ~ Lorelei (5 Star Rating)

I love the lavender scent of this deodorant and, after recently switching to aluminum free products, this has become my favorite

Fantastic ~ Mary Ann (5 Star Rating)

The Lemongrass Cream Deodorant leaves me feeling fresh and smelling amazing all day long! FANTASTIC product!

I can't believe how awesome this product is! ~ Michelle (5 Star Rating)

This is an amazing product. I can workout/hike/work all day long and still be smelling fresh at the end of the day!! AWESOME!!

SO Impressed! ~ Kristen (5 Star Rating)

I have been trying natural deodorants for about 5-6 years now and all of them either didn't work or caused an allergic reaction...until this one!!! I am SO IMPRESSED! One application holds up through a full day of bootcamps, work and yoga and the scent is great. If you don't like cedarwood, don't worry, the patchouli balances it well.