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Kogi Name

Kogi – An unusual name that’s origin is nothing short of ironic and quite frankly, unbelievable! Darlene Newton, Founder and Co-Owner of Kogi Naturals Inc. speaks of a name that is dear and close to her heart. Growing up as a child, she was known by her father and grandfather as “Kogi”. Although, at the time this seemed to be what most would call a “pet name” or a loving term of endearment, the meaning of the word Kogi would present an ironic story that only destiny could have written

Darlene, who struggled through life with incredibly sensitive skin decided to take a soap making class. Having fallen in love with the process of making bath and body products, Darlene, with her husband Tony by her side formed their company. Like all Entrepreneurs, Darlene and Tony were stumped with what to call their business. Finally, it came to them. As a tribute to her beloved father and grandfather, they settled on the name Kogi Naturals. The Company was born under the ideals of being a natural and organic handmade Bath and Body Company that would respect the earth and promote health and well-being

In 2003, Darlene, in a pursuit of developing her Company’s core purpose, was introduced to the true meaning behind the Kogi name. It tells a story of parallel meanings, a coincidence?  – Darlene and Tony think not

And so the story is told:

Deep in the beautiful and natural Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Columbia lives an Indigenous ethnic group known as the Kogi People. This civilization has continued since the Pre-Columbian era. The Kogi base their life on the belief in “Aluna” or “The Great Mother”, who they believe is the force behind nature. It is said that they understand our earth to be a living thing and humanity is seen as its children. The Kogi people believe that they support the balance and harmony of the creativity in the world and as such they are know as "The Keepers of the Earth".

Coming to understand this meaning, Darlene quickly realized that she had been given a gift many years earlier when her father and grandfather called her Kogi. With this understanding, she and her husband Tony are devoted to delivering a message through their company.  Being respectful of the environment and going to a place in time when natural ingredients were of the highest importance and chemical additives did not exist.

Be Natural. Be Beautiful. Be You.