New Peppermint Aura Roll On Rescue!

When life gets you stressed and tense, reach for Kogi Naturals NEW Peppermint Aura Roll On. This little miracle rescue in a bottle is absolutely incredible. We have specifically formulated this blend of soothing essential oils to calm your senses, relax your body and restore balance to all that has you bottled up. There are no tricks to using the Peppermint Aura, simply roll the oil on around your hairline, add a few drops to your finger tips and lightly massage around your hairline and behind your ears. If you feel that your headache is coming from tension in your neck or shoulders, roll some around that area too and gently massage. You will soon feel the benefits of this proprietary blend.

Natural Hint: Once you have applied the peppermint aura to your hairline and gently massaged, enjoy a tall glass of water to make sure you stay  hydrated! Also, eat a handful of raw almonds, they are great for headaches because they contain a natural pain killer called salicin. Almonds also contain high levels of magnesium which is known to be a natural muscle relaxant. 

It's time to lay back, relax and unwind with this NEW Peppermint Aura! Perfect for your purse or pocket to keep with you while you are on the run.

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