100% Natural - Beautiful Skin in 2 Simple Steps

Today it seems that everyone is pressed for time, making a long and drawn out skin care regime near to impossible. How do you achieve amazing looking skin with just a few minutes to spare? Here I will share my simple skin care routine to help busy women get their glow on ...

#1. I use Kogi Naturals Extra Gentle Cleansing Mousse (Amazing Mascara Remover!)

Wash your face before bed and first thing in the morning using this extremely gentle, ultra hydrating cleansing mousse for your most radiant complexion. You will love the foamy lather that this 100% Natural Product provides. This miracle foaming wash erases toxins that have built up and been released through the surface of your skin. It is also incredible for removing make up, especially mascara. The foaming facial mousse has been formulated with a luxurious blend of essential oils that work to refine and clarify your most precious skin. This skin care step is super simple and only takes a minute. Pump foam into the palm of your hand, gently wash your face to remove dirt, oils and make up. Rinse with warm water, pat dry and enjoy smooth, radiant skin.

#2. I apply my favourite "little miracle" P.O.T Face Cream

This is one step you will not want to miss! Kogi Naturals P.O.T Face Cream is loaded with all the amazing, natural benefits of Hemp Seed Oil. If you read my blog about the amazing benefits of hemp seed oil in skincare you will already know that it does not clog pores, it penetrates the skin easily making it ultra moisturizing. Hemp Seed Oil is a powerful antioxidant that offers anti-inflammatory properties. It has anti-aging effects on skin and dramatically decreases dry, itchy, troubled skin. Apply this absolutely amazing cream before bed and in the morning after washing your face to enjoy a soft and radiant glow all day long. 

I can honestly say that I rarely spend more than two minutes on my skin care routine in the morning and at night. Give these two products a try and prepared to be amazed at how incredible your skin looks. To see our face care products - click here>>

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