Argan Oil - The Sunburn Soother

It's that time of year again, long days in the Summer sun that result in sunburned and damaged skin! With Summer in mind, we have formulated our NEW Summer Cream, loaded with Argan and other important oils to soothe your skin. Today we would like to take a moment to focus on this feature ingredient - Argan Oil. 

As you well know, there is no lack of marketing on sunscreens and sunblocks. Yet, people still get sunburned. This is where Argan Oil becomes your best friend and a Summer must-have.

When your sun damaged skin results in peeling, that is the first sign that your skin is dehydrated and is crying out for moisture. Many will reach for an over the counter lotion that may be loaded with synthetic ingredients that will provide only a temporary fix. Sure, they moisturize the area and provide temporary topical relief, but they do not fix what has been damaged underneath. This is where you need something natural that can work to replenish what your skin had lost.

You need Argan Oil.

Argan oil is an amazing natural substance that comes from the argan tree nut in Morocco. The oil is super rich in vitamin E, essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants. These are the key nutrients for healthy skin. When you apply it to skin that is sunburned, you are nourishing it back to health at the cellular level. Your skin drinks in the nourishment and gets re-hydrated. The benefits of a moisturizer loaded with Argan Oil are long-lasting. With each application your skin becomes stronger and healthier as your skin cells regenerate themselves. This miracle oil can help to soothe and cool down your sunburn skin because it has anti-inflammatory properties. It does not matter how bad your sunburn is. Argan oil is gentle and soothing to your skin.

Try our NEW Summer Cream - it is loaded with Argan Oil! Enjoy natural, beautiful skin all Summer Long.

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