Mother Natures Miracle - Ginger!

A ginger bath! Maybe it does not sound as relaxing as a Lavender Soak or as refreshing as a Pink Grapefruit Bath but, I assure you once you read this blog – YOU WILL TRY IT!

Life brings about all kinds of stresses, money, work, school, kids, kids school, friendships, partnerships, marriage, money … oh I said that one already! LOL (I should also say the things that I have mentioned can bring a lot of joy too!!) But for today - I am focused on the stress life brings! Did you know Ginger can help relieve stress? AMAZING, I tell you … simply amazing. But be prepared to sweat it out!

We call this Ginger Recovery for a reason ... this product takes you on a Journey from Pain & Suffering to Relief & Recovery. Ginger is known to help your body rid itself of toxins and free radicals. It will make you sweat which is the body’s most potent way of ridding the harmful toxic buildup. Be sure to take a bottle of water with you in the bath because you will want to stay hydrated. If you are pregnant or taking anti-coagulants, be sure to consult your Doctor before using Ginger.

Here are some of the amazing Health-Enhancing Benefits found for Ginger;

  1. Calms nausea, motion sickness and dizziness
  2. Relieves bloating
  3. Helps with stomach upset
  4. Relieves headaches
  5. Works as an anti-inflammatory
  6. Calms cramps
  7. Can help to stabilize blood pressure
  8. Soothes cold and flu Symptoms
  9. Helps with respiratory infections
  10. Known for its anti-cancer properties
  11. Is a great detox and stress reliever

The anti-inflammatory properties associated with ginger have been known for centuries. Modern Medicine has provided scientific support for the belief that ginger contains properties that can help to reduce pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis as well as encourage blood circulation.

So whether you are suffering an ailment, want to detox or are simply stressed out – reach for a Ginger Recovery Bath and soak it all away. Try it – I dare you! Caution: The amazing benefits of this product will have you hooked in just one bath! *** A 600g Jar of Bathing Salts is good for approx. 8 baths

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