Fight Cellulite....


Good Morning Ladies! It’s time to talk about the fast approaching Shorts Season! And if you are anything like me, this is likely the very dreaded Season. After a very cold, hibernating winter … the last thing I want to bare is my legs. Oh goodness, what a thought! Well, there is no better time than the present to face the dread and do something about it. Thus, I am going to step foot on my 6 week Cellulite Fight armed with my greatest weapon “Pink Grapefruit”! Not only will I add one of these deliciously juicy fruits to my morning breakfast routine but, I will attack my skin and tissue with it; using Kogi’s amazing products. For those of you who do not know, Grapefruit is an incredible, all natural Cellulite fighter. It rids the body of toxins and breaks down fat thus minimize the appearance of cellulite. So for my 6 week routine, I will use the Pink Grapefruit Soaking Salts three times per week. Twice a week I will vigorously scrub my thighs and problem areas with the Pink Grapefruit Scrub & Glow. And daily I will massage Pink Grapefruit lotion all over focusing on my target areas! Pink Grapefruit is amazing for the lifting your spirits, providing great health benefits and is my little miracle – cellulite fighter! What is not to love? So, if you want to get your legs prepped for the Spring Season, jump on board and grab some Pink Grapefruit and join me in the 6 week Cellulite Fight!

Here are some more fun facts about grapefruit essential oil:

#1 - Grapefruit essential oil is an amazing hair cleanser. It also helps with re-growth and strengthens hair. It provides luster and shine for dull hair by stripping away chemicals and build up. Plus it fights dandruff! 

#2 - The aromatic benefits of Grapefruit essential oil are said to help a migraine headache and reduce the negative affects of stress.

#3 - Exposure to Grapefruit essential oil has been known to decrease the appetite thus is helpful when trying to achieve your weight loss goals.

#4 - All you ladies will love this one! It has been documented that soaking in a grapefruit essential oil, salt bath can help relieve tension, reduce cramps and ward off the hormonal affects of the lovely PMS! Now, I know why I keep the Pink Grapefruit Bath Salts on my bath tub ledge ALWAYS!

#5 -  Last but not least, this one is really important. It has been noted that using a 100% Natural, Grapefruit Essential Oil infused lotion can help to cleanse your lymphatic system. If you are like me and suffer with Thyroid issues and lymphatic blockages - give this a try, it could help to keep your system health. 

Thanks for reading, I hope you fall in love with Pink Grapefruit - it really is a wonderful treat!

Happy Friday Everyone and remember always … Be Natural, Be Beautiful, Be YOU!

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