Tender Loving Feet - Toxin-Free!

Well ladies, it is finally that time of year again! Spring is just around the corner and it is time to get our toes in shape. Some of you will be able to sympathize with why I am so inspired to get my feet looking amazing. Unlike our owners who live in the balmy climate of Chemainus on the beautiful Vancouver Island, BC - I live in what some would consider the coldest place on Earth - Manitoba! My poor little soles have been stuck in -30 lined winter boots all season long. You can only imagine their dismay! And mine, every time I look at them. Well, not anymore. About a week ago I decided it was time ... March 20th marks the first day of Spring and with positive temperatures in front of us I had to get these tender tootsies, sandal ready!!!! So, I reached for our Foot Recovery Bath Salts and soaked my feet (boy did that feel great!) Next, I applied our Ginger Recovery Scrub and sloughed off all of that unnecessary dead skin which was leaving my feet looking far less than perfect! And finally, after a warm rinse, I applied today's feature product - our Foot Recovery Cream .... ohhhh that product is nothing short of a miracle and a blessing for my little soles. It feels so good, absorbs so well and smells absolutely divine. You will feel revived and refreshed ... and best of all your feet will look great. On a side note, if you love to paint your nails and are worried about Toxin's (like I am) check out Scotch Nail Polish at www.scotchnaturals.com -This is a great line of polish that I happen to love. It is free of parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde and other harmful ingredients found in nail polish today. So, get inspired ... pamper your feet with Kogi Naturals Foot Recovery products and remember always - Be Natural. Be Beautiful. Be You.

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