Be Sandal Ready ...

Good Morning Everyone! Wow, I can hardly believe I am reporting that the first day of Spring is right around the corner. March 20th marks this exciting day this year! Knowing that fair weather is on the way, I thought it was fitting to begin our discussions on getting your tired, winter feet sandal ready! I don't know about you but, my tired tootsies were in some deep need of TLC. So where should I begin! I guess let's walk through the steps of how you can transform your hardened, cracked, dry feet and make them pretty for Spring once again. Follow me on our Foot Recovery Journey!

Step 1 - First we must soak our feet. This allows the skin to soften making the scuffing off of dead skin much easier (oohhh that sounds so gross! Sorry but, it is such a necessary step!). Soaking and softening the skin on your feet will also make your tired soles more responsive to absorbing the moisture that you will apply in the following steps. So whatever you do PLEASE do not miss this step. Grab a bottle of our Foot Recovery Soaking Salts and dip those tired soles in for a little retreat!

Step 2 - Let's talk about exfoliation! Yep, this is the dirty nasty step ... lol. I much prefer using our Ginger Recovery scrub over a loofa or foot sander. The Sugar scrub is just as effective, a little more gentle and also provides moisture at the same time as the removal of those dead skin cells. 

Step 3 - Rinse and Dry. It is really important that you rinse your feet well and pat them dry. Rinsing will eliminate whatever dead skin remains and drying is crucial to proper moisture absorption in the next step.

Step 4 - Moisture Hydration! Smother them with our Foot Recovery Cream (my favorite) or opt for the Foot Recovery Bar. Both products are exceptional and will do the trick. The key to proper hydration is applying moisture back to your feet within 3 minutes of drying.

Step 5 - Put your feet up and let them soak up the moisture or if you need to walk around the house ... be sure to put a little pair of cotton socks! Learn from my mistakes ... having slid down my hallway and right down the stairs, I caution that our moisture cream and Foot Recovery bar are a little slick!

Good luck getting those tender tootsies ready for spring. As always if you have questions, comments or concerns you can reach me anytime at - Thanks for choosing Kogi Naturals and for peeking in on our blog. Happy Spring to y'all. 

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