28 Day Detox - From Head to TOE ...

Well ladies we have covered everything from toxins and chemicals to avoid in your bath, body and beauty routines. We have looked at key ingredients that have been provided to us by Mother Nature. Having discussed how very important it is to make small changes as they will yield big impacts, I want to conclude the 28 Day Detox by discussing a healthy foot care routine. Yes, our toes deserve love too. Really, when you think of it, our feet carry us everywhere in life, we cover them with socks, we suffocate them in shoes and we wear them out as we walk or run. No matter what the situation, our tender tootsies need a little (actually alot) of TLC. Forget the Chemical laden products that we spoke about in past blogs! Instead opt for some really healthy, healing and 100% Natural and Toxin-Free Ingredients. Here is our recommendations for your tender toes:

STEP ONE  - Foot Recovery Soaking Salts.

Soothe tired toes by soaking your feet in a warm tub with these Recovery Salts. Formulated with Lavender, Peppermint and Rosemary Essential Oils, this Foot Recovery Soak will calm, soothe and deodorize your tired, aching feet. This is a treat that you will absolutely LOVE.

STEP TWO - Recovery Scrub and Glow.

After soaking your tired feet, apply this ultra exfoliating scrub and glow to your soles. I personally swear by this product. Having had dry, cracked heels for many years and trying many products that claimed to be a miracle ... this product really does slough off all of that dry, dead and unwanted skin in a really gentle and natural way. You must try this - you will be absolutely amazed.

STEP THREE - Foot Recovery Bar.

Well, you should never remove dry skin without reapplying and locking in new moisture. This is where the smooth and great looking feet come from. So, after you have soaked your feet to looses the dead skin, exfoliated with the recovery scrub and glow apply this extreme moisture foot recovery bar. We recommend towel drying your feet first and applying this within 3 minutes of drying off. Also, on a side note and as a personal warning .... cover up your feet with a little pair of cotton socks! This product can be a little slippery on certain floors - take my word for it!!! ;)

I know you will be so happy if you give this routine a try. If you are reluctant to reach out and purchase each product individually we do have a great Foot Recovery Set that allows you the opportunity to TRY the products out for yourself. I really hope you take my word for it and give this a try, I know you will really, really, really love this foot routine .. I know I do! As always if you have questions or concerns please reach out to me anytime at mel@koginaturals.com 

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