Let's Talk about Soap ...

Good Morning everyone! It's a new week and a new beauty detox focus. Last week we covered detoxing your hair care products, if that didn't scare you enough (lol) - just hang on ... this is going to get very interesting. This week I am going to focus on your most precious skin, your face. I will cover everything from soaps, to cleansers, creams, facial oils, DIY facial scrubs, the importance of a skincare routine and the chemicals you REALLY need to avoid. I will also cover skin concerns and the benefits of Mother Natures best kept secrets. It's time to look and feel beautiful. So let’s get started! LET’S TALK ABOUT SOAP!!!

Ahhhh (Yes, that is me screaming through the computer!!!) This is what I did when I realized what I had put on my skin for the last 20 plus years until I discovered Kogi Naturals. I was blinded by some really great advertising (and I thought my education taught me not to buy into marketing, lol) So, I fell victim to a really big brand who advertises naked women in many shapes and sizes with statements like "Nourish Skin Deeply" or "Reveal your glowing skin" and "There is Beauty all around us". Perhaps they should tell us about the chemicals that we are nourishing deeply into our bodies largest organ - our skin! Or reveal the truth about the harmful effects of their ingredients! Sure there is beauty all around as they get richer ... sucking us in! I hope you read this blog closely and hurry to your bathroom and READ the ingredient list on your favorite soap. Don’t have the box or label anymore? … Google it! Below are the seven most common and very harmful ingredients found in soap today (of course NOT in Kogi’s soaps … we are natural and toxin-free)

#1 - Triclosan - A chemical used in soap for its anti-fungal and antimicrobial agents. Triclosan has been the subject of controversy and has already been banned in some products in Europe. Some researchers believe that triclosan is a thyroid and hormonal manipulator that can disrupt the normal levels in the human body.

#2- Sodium Laureth Sulfate - Used in soap to increase its lather. This is a chemical surfactant has been proven to cause skin irritation, even when used in very low quantities. If you have sensitive skin or skin problems such as eczema, using soap that contains this ingredient may be harmful to your skin's health. If you have young children in your home, it is recommended that your soap does not contain sodium laureth sulfate

#3 - Chloroxylenol - A chemical compound frequently used in soap. It is used to provide antimicrobial properties, as it is known to control bacterial growth. People with sensitive skin report developing skin irritation when using chloroxylenol on a regular basis. Allergic reactions are possible side effects of this chemical.

#4 - Diethanolamine (or DEA) is extremely easily absorbed through the skin, and it combines with the nitrate preservatives often found in hand soaps and shower gels to create nitrosodiethanolamine (NDEA). NDEA is widely known to be a powerfully carcinogenic chemical, and it is most strongly linked to liver and kidney cancers. Further, DEA seems to block the body from properly absorbing choline, which is a nutrient necessary for adequate brain development (especially in unborn children). It is also worth noting that triethanolamine (or TEA) is a derivative of DEA, and it is also thought to be a potential carcinogen. This means that it is best to avoid TEA as well. (*Source: http://www.bryanmarcel.com/dangerous-chemicals-hand-soap-shower-gel#)

#5 - Dioxane is sometimes thought to be harmless because it is a synthetic derivative of coconut, but describing it in this apparently benign way is misleading. It is thought to cause cancer in humans, and it is also toxic to the nervous system, liver, kidneys and brain. (*Source: http://www.bryanmarcel.com/dangerous-chemicals-hand-soap-shower-gel#)

#6 - Propylene glycol is found in soaps and shower gels, but it is also an ingredient in antifreeze, adhesives, paints, and rubber cleaners (HOW DO YOU SAY .. OMG?!?). While the FDA still considers it to be a safe addition to personal care products, recent scientific studies have shown a link between propylene glycol and dermatitis, widespread skin irritation, and liver or kidney abnormalities. (*Source: http://www.bryanmarcel.com/dangerous-chemicals-hand-soap-shower-gel#)

#7 - Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (or SLS) is an emulsifier and a detergent, and it is one of the most common dangerous ingredients added to hand soaps and shower gels. When SLS combines with other common ingredients in personal hygiene products, it becomes something called a nitrosamine, which has carcinogenic properties. Unfortunately, SLS can permeate human skin very easily, and it makes the skin more permeable to other chemicals as well (including all those dangerous cancer-causing compounds). In addition, recent research performed on animals has shown that SLS can irritate the skin and eyes, promote organ toxicity, disrupt certain reproductive hormones, and increase the likelihood of mood disorders. (*Source: http://www.bryanmarcel.com/dangerous-chemicals-hand-soap-shower-gel#)

WOW! Knowing what I know about all of the amazing ingredients found in Kogi's natural and toxin-free soaps; it simply amazes me that these Big Brands get away with creating nasty, harmful products for our skin. I guess their bottom line means more than our health. Have you ever wondered why your skin continues to freak out or why it never seems to be hydrated enough or why it is perhaps too oily and you cannot get it under control? Well, the above ingredients are the answer. Look to Mother Nature for natural healing … you will be surprised by how beautiful your skin really is, naturally. Make the switch to natural. Follow my blog notes this week as I talk about skin types and key ingredients. You will be really happy with the results. Thank you for reading my blog – now go read your labels and throw away any products with the above ingredients, please. If you have any questions, concerns or comments please write me at mel@koginaturals.com I am always willing to help. Be Natural. Be Beautiful. Be You – Toxin-Free.

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