Kids Bath Products - Get the Facts

“Cancer-causing chemical found in children’s bath products” is what the headline read on - If that alone does not make you question what products you are putting on your children’s skin, I don’t know what will! I am going to post a link for you to reference at the bottom of this blog in case you wish to read further on the topic of chemicals in bath products. As you know, yesterday my post focused on the toxic ingredients found in baby bath products. The same ingredients have been found in your children and young adults bath products as well. It is alarming that companies we have long given our trust to, are adding toxic fillers to the products that we are scrubbing into our children’s scalp, massaging into their skin and encouraging them to soak in a bubble filled tub of toxins. Not anymore! Thankfully, you have found Kogi and thankfully for me, I use nothing but Kogi Naturals on my children. I want everyone to know that our Just for kids and baby lines are 100% Natural, made with a variety of Organic ingredients and are 100% Toxin-Free. Created so pure and toxin-free that I never worry when my little boy tries to eat the foaming shampoo and body wash. There is absolutely nothing in our Just for Kids and baby products that would harm your loved one, although, I do not encourage eating our products!

Today, I want to take a little different approach. Instead of focusing on all the horrible toxins that those Big Brands (Even the ones you think are Natural) are adding to kids products. I would like to focus on our ingredient listing and explain the benefits of choosing Natural, Organic and Toxin-Free. Let's start with Purified water (About as natural as it gets), Palm Oil (An edible oil that is derived the fruit found of the Palm Tree. Filled with vitamins, antioxidants, high levels of vitamin A and vitamin E, makes this an amazing natural ingredient), Coconut Oil (An edible oil derived from the coconut. High in Vitamin E, Fatty Acids and Triglycerides makes this oil amazing for hair and skin), Glycerin (A natural bi-product of the soap making process. Glycerin attracts and locks in moisture which keeps skin and hair hydrated all day long), Pine Extract (An extract from the Pine Tree, loaded with antioxidants that are known to block the action of free radicals), Chamomile Flower Extract (Known to contain active flavonoids and essential oil compounds which are particularly good for sensitive skin), Dandelion Leaf and Nettle Leaf Oil (Rich in vitamins both positively encourage scalp stimulation), Olive Oil and Pumpkin Seed Oil (natural oils that aid in the hydration of skin and hair), Essential Oils (natural oils derived from plants, flowers and fruits that offer a variety of healthy benefits - each essential oil is different). I want to be sure that everyone knows how absolutely amazing Kogi Naturals baby and Just for Kids products are. We do not add anything synthetic to them and rest assured they are 100% Natural and Toxin-Free. Feel good about using our Just for Kids Shampoo, Conditioner and Bubble Bath on your children, I know I do! I hope you will read your labels and make the switch. Jump in and embrace your transformation. It will do your whole family good! If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me at anytime.


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