Your Baby - Growing Up Toxin-Free

As promised, I am writing my next blog post about your baby bath products and making sure your baby grows up toxin-free! This post is very close and dear to my heart as I am the mother of a 15 month old little boy. You have all heard the statement “What you put on your skin, you put into your body”. Well, this is even more significant a statement when we are talking about our precious little ones, their skin is extremely susceptible to toxins that can affect their health in the early and later stages of life. I don’t know about you but, this alarms me. Well, my little bundle of joy arrived in late 2013 and as my husband and I shopped the baby section of our local big box stores, I was alarmed to an even greater extent. I saw products on the shelf from brands that we would normally give our trust without question - claiming to be “Natural”. Being that I was already heading the Marketing of Kogi Naturals I was drawn to turn the package over and read the ingredients … (Read your labels, I dare you!) Some of the BIG Brands that you trust who claim to be “Natural”, “Organic” and “Good for your Baby” have these horrid ingredients present:

Betaine – This is a chemical additive used to create lather! It is known to cause irritation to the skin, eyes and lungs. It is also claimed to be harmful to the environment. ** If it is harmful to the ENVIRONMENT … WHY? WHY? WHY? Would we put this on our baby’s skin?

Fragrance – This is another synthetic ingredient (although manufacturers do create paraben and phthalate free fragrances), this ingredient should NEVER be used in a baby products. Their skin is much too vulnerable for a fragrance. According to an article on “The effects of fragrance are long lasting, lingering on the skin for hours, and can cause respiratory, neurological, skin and eye damage to children. There is evidence that exposure to fragrance as a child may also lead to asthma”. **I do understand that as adults we may choose some products for ourselves that have fragrance in them however, when considering a fragrance … select one that is paraben and phthalate free. But, where our babies are concerned – DROP THE FRAGRANCE, your baby does not care about scent and the only thing that you and I need to be concerned about when looking after our children is their Health and Safety! LESS IS MORE!

Proplyene Glycol – According to the article Seven Toxin’s to Avoid in Baby Products on, propylene glycol is a chemical, penetration enhancer. It is easily absorbed into the skin and may be carcinogenic. It’s job is to basically open your child’s pores to let the other toxin’s in! ** There is simply no need for this ingredient in anything in your home especially your baby and child products. I urge you to read your labels and discard anything with this in it immediately. 

1,4 Dioxane and Ethylated Surfactants – The Environmental Working Group has found that 57% of baby soaps are contaminated with these ingredients. According to the group, it is not listed as an ingredient since it is a by-product that occurs when “ethylene oxide, a known breast carcinogen is added to other chemicals to make them less harsh” (There’s Lead in your Lipstick). **Enough said!

I could go on all day long but, I won’t. It is just really, really important that you understand what it means to your baby that you READ YOUR LABELS. Even those brands that you think are All Natural and Safe. Watch for ingredients like Sulfates, Mineral oil, Triclosan, Glucosides, Dioxins … if you don’t know what it is, find out before you use it on yourself or your loved ones. Thank goodness for me, I was a part of the Kogi Naturals team during my pregnancy so I have been a loyal user of their amazing products. My son has not been exposed to anything but Kogi Naturals Baby Line which I know is 100% Natural, formulated absolutely TOXIN-FREE with natural, organic, simple, good-for-you and your baby too ingredients. If you have any questions for me concerning any of our ingredients, I am always very ready and willing to be of assistance. You can reach out to me at anytime. I hope you enjoyed reading this and encourage you to embrace your baby’s slow beauty transformation from chemical to natural. This is a small change that will greatly impact his or her future. Thank you for reading. Watch for my next post on your toddler and young child’s bath products.  

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