Beauty Detox Details

This morning marks the beginning of my slow beauty transformation. You might be wondering why I decided to embark upon this beauty detox journey. Well, aside from the obvious reason being that I manage the sales and marketing of an all natural, organic and toxin-free Bath and Beauty Company! I decided to do this after reading a very alarming article about the notion that most women (and their family members) come in contact with 12 bath, body and beauty products that expose them to an average of 168 toxins before leaving their home for work, school and daycare!!! I don’t know about you but, this scared me enough to get my attention. The more I read, the deeper my concern became and the bigger the challenge looked. I quickly approached the owner of Kogi Naturals, Darlene and discussed doing this Slow Beauty Transformation. We decided to call it a slow beauty transformation for a very important reason. We all know that the small changes we make have a lasting affect. When we make radical changes in a very fast manner, the changes we make tend to revert as quickly as they occurred! With that in mind, I hope that you will join me as I take the first steps of my 28-Day Beauty Detox journey. I will cover my findings, what I am eliminating, toxins to watch out for, great articles to reference, recipes for healthy living and some fun DIY ideas for your own bath and beauty routine. If you want to join in, you can share your findings, support with comments on our Face book page and enter to win some really great toxin-free products. Check in daily as I post my findings, watch us on Face book for Enter to win details and/or join our good-e-bag newsletter to stay informed! Wish me luck! Happy New You everyone. My Next Post: Big Commercial Shampoo Products vs. Kogi Naturals … this is one you will not want to miss!!!

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