New Year - New You ... Embrace your Slow Beauty Transformation

It's that time of year again! We are all making plans and promises to ourselves about how we are going to get fit, loose weight, eat healthy, be more positive and the list goes on and on and on. As I sat here in December making my New Year's resolutions, I discovered something that I am sure we all have in common - I was promising myself the same thing I did in 2014, 2013 and well, let's just say five or more years before that! Why is this? Why do we continue to let ourselves down? For me, the answers are simple;
1. I need to understand what I need to do and why?
2. I have to develop a plan that is realistic and not too difficult to achieve.
3. I must set a goal and a reward.
Okay, so now that I have that covered. I invite you to join me in my New Year, New You Beauty Detox. I have been wanting to detox my life for some time now and this seems like the most fitting time of year to do it. In order to achieve true beauty (in my humble opinion) you must detox a number of areas which I will cover. Areas like Food (what to eat and drink for beautiful skin), Stress and how to reduce it (This affects your skin more than you know), Fitness (Simple changes that can positively affect your body) and the most important of all SKINCARE ROUTINES (Your skin is your largest organ, let's learn how to take care of it). I will cover topics on toxin's and why they are bad for you, the 10 most harmful chemicals that you will want to make sure are not in your skincare products and simple, simple changes that you can make to create big results. As the Marketing Guru in our company, I invite you to follow me as I teach myself (and hopefully you too) how to embrace a Slow Beauty Transformation. I call it a Slow Transformation because every journey takes time. Nothing is immediate if you want it to be lasting. So, this transformation is just that ... a process of elimination, some simple changes to my life and hopefully a really positive outcome! Join me on Monday January 12th, 2015 when I launch our 28 Day Beauty Detox. I promise it will be a fun time. We will give away FREE Gifts on Facebook for your comments and posts and you can enter to win the grand prize Goodie Bag at the end of it all. I hope you will take part and wish me luck ... I wish you much luck, love and happiness in 2015. Cheers to the New Year, New Skin and a New You! 
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