Beat Cold Symptoms Now!



 I have been battling a cold for days and it seems every time I pick up the phone or run into someone and ask how they are ... guess what the answer is? "I can't seem to kick this cold!" Everyone I know is battling the blues associated with not being able to get well! Which brings me to my big bright idea!
Yesterday, I was miserable all day long! My body ached, my nose was stopped up, my chest was congested and I was just so tense all over. Around 8 pm I ran a tub full of hot, steamy water and poured in my beloved Ginger Recovery Bath Salts. As I relaxed in the tub, my body felt better than it had in days, my nose had cleared and my chest did not feel nearly as congested as it had earlier that day! Then it hit me - first I had to get permission to run our Ginger Recovery Salts on special this week and second I had to get the word out about my miracle bath experience!
What is so good about Ginger Recovery Bathing Salts, you ask? Well, first of all it is Natural and Organic. But, what makes our blend so special is that our Chemist has formulated it with amazing essential oils to provide long, lasting relief. Lavender Oil was selected to fight fatigue and relieve aching, tired muscles. Eucalyptus Oil clears the nasal passage and allows you to breath easy! Wintergreen Oil provides a refreshing and uplifting scent leaving you feeling renewed. And last but, not least, Ginger Root Powder adds all the extra power to kick your cold out the door. It provides relief for your tired body and helps soothe that dreadful chest congestion. This is seriously a miracle in a bottle. 
Don't wait - get your relief today. And thanks to our owners, you can enjoy trying Ginger Recovery salts 50% Off when you join our Good-e-Bag! This promotion will only last one week so get yours now! I love hearing feedback about our products so, please give this blend a try and tell me how great it worked for you! Email me anytime at


Stay Warm, Get Well and Enjoy your Ginger Recovery!

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