100% Natural Vanilla ... Good Enough to Eat!


Ohhhh the smell of Vanilla, it always reminds me of the Holiday’s. Whether it was fresh baked shortbread cookies, steaming pies or those oh so delicious butter tarts that my nana used to make; I am always reminded of comforting memories with the scent of Vanilla. I was so delighted when our Expert Chemist notified me to announce that she would be focusing her formulations on Vanilla for our new fall and winter lines. She took great care in deciding to branch out with the highly popular scent of Vanilla. Knowing that there are a vast array of likes and dislikes out there; she opted to add three lines of 100% Natural Vanilla based products to our current line up! Let me take a moment to share with you a little more about each and perhaps get your senses as delighted as mine are! First, we bring you 100% Natural Vanilla. This is the warm and comforting scent that is sure to soothe your soul all winter long. It is simple yet, undeniably delicious. Next, is our 100% Natural Vanilla Mint line … if you are the first one to jump into that After Eight box of chocolates or you like the subtle blend of Vanilla and Mint together - I assure you, this line is for you! It smells good enough to eat!! Lastly, we bring you our La La Vanilla line that was launched earlier this year. This line brings the beauty of a floral scent with a warm counterpart, this line was created with 100% Natural Vanilla and Lavender. It will certainly uplift your spirits and keep you calm all day long. So whether you are looking for warmth, refreshing or uplifting – we have a Vanilla scent just for you! Don’t forget to join our Good-e-Bag and receive your promo code to enjoy our Vanilla Soap Trio on Special this week only 3 for $10 (Ends Oct 20th). We hope you love our new Vanilla lines and look forward to your comments & feedback.

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