Hello Natural Beautiful Skin - P.O.T Moisture Benefits

It's that time of year again! There is a crisp in the air, the leaves have begun to change and transformation is all around us. As I look in the mirror, I too am reminded that it is time for my beauty transformation. I have just enjoyed a wonderful summer of sun, fun and pollution from the air outdoors and my skin is looking anything but fresh!

If you are like me and wish to experience moisture and radiance in your skin ... not to mention a more youthful appearance! I strongly recommend that you reach for a little hemp seed oil this fall. Our amazing Beauty Chemist has paired the perfect combination of Hemp Oil, Shea Butter and other Essential Oils together in our P.O.T moisture blends to soften, nourish and deeply penetrate your most delicate skin for a complete beauty transformation.

Did you know that Hemp Seed Oil is considered to be the "dry oil" in the beauty industry? It is the oil that leaves no residue behind - THANK GOODNESS!! I'm sure you will agree, there is nothing worse than applying a great face cream and being left with a slick film afterwards! Hemp Seed Oil is also known to be deep penetrating for hydration and non-clogging which helps reduce the size of your pores, blackheads and acne. It is also known to protect the skin from free radicals and provides the skin with nutrients that are required to maintain epidermal lipids, the skin's water barrier, elasticity and softness. As an added bonus, this oil is super popular for its anti-inflammatory benefits, reducing redness and is great for problem skin like psoriasis and eczema.

So, if you are looking for a little miracle in a bottle I highly recommend the P.O.T Face Cream. It is my favorite! If you really enjoy the hemp oil experience and wish for natural hydration all over your body - give the P.O.T Hand and Body Lotion a try. As a members of our monthly Good-e-Bag will enjoy this perfect pair (P.O.T Face Cream and P.O.T Hand and Body Lotion) for $25 this week only. Join and receive your promo code for big savings on P.O.T today.

Embrace your slow beauty transformation today by going green with your beauty routine! Say "Goodbye" to Chemicals and "Hello" to Natural. 


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