Tea Tree Shampoo for Back to School!

Did you know that Tea Tree Essential Oil has been known to keep your child's hair healthy during a Lice outbreak?Yes, LICE! I said it!! Those little critters that we all hope to avoid while having school age children!

According to Cynthia Olsen, Publisher for Alive "Head lice is the most common communicable childhood disease except for the common cold. Lice infests over 10 million North Americans, most of them schoolchildren, each year. Over-the-counter head lice shampoos contain chemical pesticides. The two most common are pyrethrin and permethrin. Pesticides can cause serious side effects such as asthma, respiratory failure, pneumonia, vomiting and muscle paralysis. These over-the-counter and prescribed lice products are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), giving parents the false impression that they are safe to use and have no adverse side effects. But according to the World Resources Institute "exposure to many common pesticides damages the human immune system, weakening the body’s resistance to infectious diseases and certain cancers. Children are particularly susceptible to the effects of pesticides on their immune systems. Children are more susceptible to having reactions to chemicals partly because their body organs are still developing and their body weight is lower. Chemicals are transmitted through their scalps and can then enter the blood system."

Knowing this, would you want to let any harmful chemicals soak into your child's scalp? My guess is ABSOLUTELY NOT! Although there is no hard documented evidence that Tea Tree Essential Oil treats and prevents Lice breakouts. According to Cynthia Olsen "research has concluded that Tea Tree essential oil contains a substance known as terpinen-4-ol, which has been identified as the healing property of the plant. Research has also shown that it has a high solvent action that attacks mature lice and dislodges them from the scalp. The result is a high mortality rate after the first application. Tea Tree has astonishing antiseptic and anti-fungal properties, tea tree oil is a powerful and yet completely gentle to your child’s scalp and skin." 

Get healthy hair with Tea Tree! 

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