Are your beauty products aging you?

It is true, some of us women are still on a desperate search for that miracle beauty product that is going to stall the process of aging.We know we cannot stay young forever yet, most of us are happy with the idea that we can slow the signs of aging! With this many of us have turned to products that promise a reduction in fine lines or the removal of dark circles and age spots. But, did you know that these products could a actually be doing more harm than good? Check your beauty products today for Petrolatum! This ingredient is commonly found in lotions, lip balms, lipsticks and anything that claims to be moisturizing. So why is this ingredient not recommended for your skin ... well, here is the scoop! Petrolatum and petroleum by products block your pores and act like plastic sitting right on top of your skin's surface.This hinders your skin's ability to release toxins which your body needs to do ... if you want to keep your skin looking vibrant and young that is! So in effect, by blocking the pores and not allowing the skin to release these toxins you are actually speeding up the aging process!!! For healthy, youthful skin we recommend using all natural ingredients like Argan oil, for example. This oil will help delay aging with its natural Vitamin E, Essential fatty acids, Polyphenols and Carotenoids. For beautiful, vibrant, youthful skin choose products that are all natural and enjoy the amazing results.

Be Natural. Be Beautiful. Be You.

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